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U.N. slams Thai case against media

A criminal defamation case against two journalists in Thailand is set to proceed this week, despite calls from the United Nations and prominent rights groups for the charges to be dropped amid concerns over press freedom there.

Viewpoints: Thailand’s State of Emergency

Escalating protests and violence in Thailand have led the government to institute a state of emergency.


Thai ConCourt rules elections invalid

Thailand’s Constitutional Court has ruled general elections held in February invalid in a fresh blow to the embattled prime minister.     

Thailand finds 200 Turkish refugees at secret camp

Thai police have discovered about 200 suspected Turkish refugees at a secret camp in the kingdom’s deep south, officials said Thursday, describing the case as “unprecedented”.     


Two Europeans listed on missing Malaysia flight not on board

Two passports lost or stolen in Thailand on separate occasions were used to board the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

State of emergency ‘will have to stay’, says Thai minister

Despite several protest sites shutting down, Thailand’s foreign minister says emergency laws could be extended until demonstrations end completely.


US urges probe into Thailand attacks

US Secretary of State John Kerry has called on Thailand to investigate “politically motivated” attacks denouncing the deaths of several children as “horrifying”.     

Thai military ‘won’t use weapons’

Thailand’s prime minister on Sunday condemned weekend attacks on her opponents that killed four people — three of them children — and pledged to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Bomb at Thailand protest kills 2

A bomb killed two people, including a 12-year-old boy, and wounded nearly two dozen at an anti-government rally in Thailand’s capital Sunday, police reported.


Thailand in crisis: What’s going on?

As the political situation in Thailand worsens with deaths on Bangkok’s streets this week, CNN takes a look at the root causes of the protests, and what the latest developments might mean for the country’s political future.

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